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About Me:
hello , my name is peter. i am writing you, since i am looking for a close soul, somebody who wants to spend her life with me... i was born in prague,czech republic on march 2, 51,but live in california for over twenty years now. i went recently thru twelve years of very unfortunate marriage with a filipina woman, who was unable to communicate with me,and so we reached the point, when the tensions became unbearable, even i did my best to save the relationship,since we have two boys, four and eleven. they live with her now. my plan for the future is to stay around here for several years, run my small business,just to make sure my kids will not get hurt in any way,and after that i am planning to move back to my country, where i was born,buy some large piece of land in the country, build the house and work only if i want to...i can not wait... looking for a peaceful,smart lady,who is ready for a real relationship, for somebody, who is not affraid of a big love... there is my old essay. it may help you to know me better. looking forward to know you... ** What type of work do you do? i am running a small business last twenty years as an contractor, installing wood and gas stoves into a residential homes, started almost accidentaly and without my heart in it, but last few years enjoying what i do, isn`t it scary? What do you like to do for fun/hobbies? one think only,consuming a big chunk of money and all my free time,making me happy like a little kid- fly my airplane. What is an ideal First Date to you? never though about it,how about that small tropical island with you on that sandy beach,can you see me landing my seaplane ?let`s go for ride! it may be silly reading about it,but i would try thing i learned is:"IF YOU CAN DREAM IT, YOU CAN DO IT!" If you are divorced/widower, you can talk about how that happened here. besides many things i did wrong and learned from,i was misfortunate to choose a relationship with woman,who was functioning almost solely on an emotional level,and people need at least a little logical thinking to make it felt like we realy never met-try to live with a stranger for twelve years... What is your fantasy vacation? wow,that`s better question! and an easy one ,too.and it is not a fantasy- i like to go to countries in southeast asia or an equatorial africa,and became a part of the picture,stay with local people,eat their food,trying to avoid a big cities,soak in their enviroment,touch the land. Where did you last vacation and did you like it? see # 5. What is your academic background? not too academic in a first place, i never made it to university,but didn`t loose my sleep over it,compensating with eating books alive. What do you find attractive in people you are trying to date? antoine de saint-exupe`ry said in little prince-"important things are invisible to eye,you can see them only with your heart"... and i ad- it would be hopeless to try to describe them with words... What do others do that irritate you? i learned,that if your state of mind depends on other people action, you have a problem.but i am still affected, to some degree with rude and mean people,who think they own the universe.i also feel uneasy around others, who repeat same mistakes over and over thru their life. What do you think is your best quality? i like this one! how about my sincere desire to learn from everything i did wrong? it`s called stepping out from your shadow! another one-catching on a christian spirit,that can realy get you. last one- everlasting and omnipresent positive approach in life,nothing can break it,you can not friend from australia send me a mail yesterday.he said"you animal,i would wish you a good luck, but you don`t need any..." What one thing would you change about your personality if you could? having a magic wand, i would swing it very hard and wish for: more patience and love not being judgemental about others be able to comunnicate better with others What are your religious views? when i was little, i believed, that a different religions are like a different airplanes, people will choose the one they feel the most comfortable with, and eventually everybody will get airborne, everybody will meet god. i did not change my opinion that much since,but lately i identify myself most with christianity. What are your political views? i do not focus at this subject at all,with an exception vhen i vote for a republican president. What one question would you want answered in an initial email from another member? what makes the earth turn? Where do you see yourself in 3 years? not where i am now. that will be determined by a mutual decision of my mate and myself. my vote would be to stay away from a big crowd. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? same as # 15, only more so. What are your lifelong goals? stop running for my life,find somebody i can realy connect with and stay that way! Describe your physique. above average! in a great helth,getting somewhat lazy lately, but can still beat you running 100 meters!!!want to bet $1? Free Space. Say anything you want! there is not too much left, realy. perhaps would like to assure you, that this is a serious attempt to get close to somebody, who works in a similar level with me.and you know now after reading all this, if you do. and if you think you may,please do us a favor,let me know you are there! thanks, peter

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